Jesus and His Kingdom Come

Le Pater Noster, James Tissot (French), ca. 1886-94

I heard You knockin’
On the door of my heart
I love You Jesus
I’m not ready to start
Ooh, ooh, His kingdom come

I hit the gutter
And I lost my soul
I watched the devil
Buy a man with gold
Gone, gone, the kingdom come
The kingdom come

I love the Lord
And pray His kingdom come
Don’t you know
His victory’s already been won
But every sinner’s
Like another one
Like another one

I praise the Lord
Because I love Him so
I know that most of you
Don’t even want to know
Jesus, Jesus and His kingdom come

Jesus, Jesus and His kingdom come
His kingdom come
Jesus and His kingdom come …

Lyrics: Randy Lacey
Music: Sean O’Leary
Luke 11:1-3

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