Empty Handed

Empty Handed (and happy just the same)

They said it right from the start, that we’d own nothing and be happy about it. Nobody listened to them, or maybe they listened but didn’t hear what was being said. I Read more

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(Editor’s note: Brother Randy offers these thoughts today, on the anniversary of the birthdate of one of history’s bloodiest warmongers)

A lot of us are currently asking the same question as Edwin Starr did so many years Read more

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Show Time in North Van

           The longer I think about my time with YWAM, and in particular with The Metal Monks, the little gems I can recall. In my last piece I recalled a few of the fond moments ‘touring’ with the Metal Read more

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The Metal Monks pt 2: The Monk-ish

Guest Author: Randy Lacey

When I think back to the tail end of the1980’s I do so with both trepidation and fondness. Oddly enough, both emotions are joined together at the hip if you will by the same event, Read more

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The Calling

I try not to be politically motivated in anything I say or do. I left my protesting days behind me back in the eighties. This is not to say however, that I do not pay attention to what is Read more

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