Learn to Listen First

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/learn-to-listen-first

We all need to sit back and to listenTo the voice that speaks into our heartsIf we hear what God is really sayingWe’ll be better equipped to do our partsWe’re too quick to rush into actionBefore we’ve Read more

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He Replied

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/he-replied

Don’t you be deceived By the words that they’ll sayClaiming to be saviours And then lead you astrayThen cheat you and rob youAnd then leave you for dead

There’s a rumour blowing in the breezeThat wars are coming soonIf Read more

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Old Man Evil (or, Confronting Temptation)

David et Goliath, Nicolas Régnier (Italian), 1591 – 1667

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/old-man-evil-or-confronting-temptation

Old man evil tests his might on meSeeing the light of Jesus within meHe seeks to lure me away from graceBut I’ll stand firm and meet him face Read more

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Before Death

He stood alone in a brightly lit filled expanse of space. Jerrold could see nothing. Not because of the bright light, but because there was nothing to see. Though the light was immensely bright it did not hurt his Read more

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I Condemn Thee

According to Oxford Learning Dictionaries, the word condemn can mean:

  •  to say very strongly that you think something is bad, usually for moral reasons

It can very well be likened to a parent’s slap on the wrist and a Read more

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Reading Through My Bible

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/reading-through-my-bible

I was reading my Bible ‘bout 1 AM I was praying, prayingI needed to know about the Great I AmWho is holy, yes holy

I read the stories and I couldn’t believeI was a doubter, doubterSo many miracles Read more

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Christmas: Godly or Pagan, Righteous or Unrighteous?

How you choose to celebrate December 25th is entirely up to you. I am curious however to know, if you knew the origins of December 25th and the practices it involves, would you still continue to do so. Or would you Read more

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There was a time not so long ago when just about every hip, cool and progressive Christian was wearing a WWJD bracelet to help remind them of what Jesus might do in a particular situation. Though its intent may Read more

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Jesus and His Kingdom Come

Le Pater Noster, James Tissot (French), ca. 1886-94 Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/jesus-and-his-kingdom-come

I heard You knockin’On the door of my heartI love You JesusI’m not ready to startOoh, ooh, His kingdom come

I hit the gutterAnd I lost my soulI watched Read more

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Practice What You Sing

They say that confession is good for the soul, so can I make a confession? I just love going to church. It’s like a free mini concert every Sunday. I mean there’s that stuff before the singing, you know, Read more

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