I’m With Jesus

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/im-with-jesus

I’m with JesusI’m with JesusI’m with Him who bled and died for all my sinsYearning for His near appearingEven so, come Lord JesusI’m with Jesus

I’m with JesusI’m with JesusI’m with Him crucified then raised againPining for Read more

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Reading Through My Bible

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/reading-through-my-bible

I was reading my Bible ‘bout 1 AM I was praying, prayingI needed to know about the Great I AmWho is holy, yes holy

I read the stories and I couldn’t believeI was a doubter, doubterSo many miracles Read more

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Thank You, Lord

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/thank-you-lord

Only one of the ten returned to thank YouNow I want to come back, it’s the least I can doI cannot imagine all that You’ve done for meIf I knew now what I’ll know then, I’d fall Read more

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Bell of Righteousness

Holy Family church, Kashmir State, India Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/bell-of-righteousness

Oh God, Your bell of righteousnessChimes and echoes through my worldYour whispers of everlasting lifeAre loud and clear

Take away my iniquities, my LordAnd make me like Your SonAnd I will Read more

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Jesus and His Kingdom Come

Le Pater Noster, James Tissot (French), ca. 1886-94 Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/jesus-and-his-kingdom-come

I heard You knockin’On the door of my heartI love You JesusI’m not ready to startOoh, ooh, His kingdom come

I hit the gutterAnd I lost my soulI watched Read more

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The Word of God

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/the-word-of-god

Most today view God’s Word as a mythThey don’t see it as truth, so dismiss it forthwithSomething from the age of the dinosaurNo longer valid, simply ignored

Hardly any take it literallyIt’s to be read, they argue, Read more

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Download: https://incidentalmusic.a/track/tribulation

I know you’ll think it’s crazyWhat I have to sayWill you face the tribulationOr be caught awayThe Day of the Lord will arriveLike a flood in full rushThe Beast will riseAll will comply or be crushed

Earthquakes, Read more

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Where I Belong

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/where-i-belong

My flesh is weakBut Your Spirit’s strong

I do those thingsI know I shouldn’t doAnd I do not do those thingsWhich draw me close to You

My flesh is weak (the flesh is weak)But Your Spirit’s strong Read more

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Anticipation Blues

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/anticipation-blues

The smell of great sorrow hangs in the airUnease about the future stalks us everywhereLabour pains are more intense, there’s sign after signOf the Kingdom that is coming in the fullness of God’s time

History has no Read more

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Livin’ in Bible Times

Download: https://incidentalmusic.ca/track/livin-in-bible-times

From Genesis to MalachiWe read and we fantasizeAbout what it was like To live in those Bible times

Matthew, Mark, Luke and JohnThe Book of Acts and further onTell us what it was likeTo live in those Bible Read more

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