The Protagonist Blues


Their head takes up more space than it occupies
That’s self-indulgence, it’s not about the size
Basking in the limelight is where they find their muse
The soundtrack in the background is the protagonist blues

They suck out all the air when they enter any room
But that’s them being thoughtful pushing out all the gloom
They know everyone feels special hearing all their news
Set on endless repeat is the protagonist blues

The acclaim is well-deserved, it’s called entitlement
All that attention rest assured is heaven sent
Living the dream is just paying their dues
Number one with a bullet, the protagonist blues

They have great expectations for God on down
Each wonderful performance is the stuff of renown
Walking the red carpet is not an option to refuse
The song remains the same, the protagonist blues

Everywhere you go, there’s one in every crowd
Imaginary audience, talking pretty loud
They don’t recognize themselves, they cannot read the clues
They sing the full twelve bars of the protagonist blues

Goodness knows what they’ll do when the spotlight fades away
They’ve never had to keep a broken heart at bay
With nowhere to run, they’ve got no self-defense
It all starts sinking in, everything was false pretense
Everything was false pretense
Everything was false pretense …

Lyrics: Dan Robins
Music: Sean O’Leary
Proverbs 18:2, 26:4
Ecclesiastes 5:3

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