Not Among Friends


Where are my people?
Where, oh, where is my tribe?
Never felt so unwelcome
Nor such a chilling vibe

Superficial exchanges
Games of musical chairs
Muted estrangements
Fear of man brings a snare

Such is my lamentation
This mortal disconnect
Eternal polarization
For the outcast and misfit

A company of strangers
Alone in the madding crowd
And while we occupy the same space
I’m prone to speak the quiet part out loud

I’m not among friends
Everywhere I look I see strangers

Vexed by the zeitgeist
Exceedingly numb
Awaiting a reply
That will never, ever come

Shut out and ghosted
Shined-on and ignored
Shunned and cold-shouldered
Should not be that we are so forlorn

And not among friends
Everywhere I go I meet strangers

This world’s a lonely place to be
Isolation, dislocation
Vulnerable to the predatory

Enter the green lady
Relinquished all control
The bargain she made me
Ravaged this hapless soul

Over half a century ago: family strife
A great sadness engulfed my whole life
Finger of blame firmly pointed square
Something died inside of me right then and there

The accuser deals his tell
The black memory card
Exploiting the natural
To incapacitate the heart

Mired in reminiscence
Despairing with hopeless regret
Tempted to self-sabotage
Trending away from healing lament

And not among friends
Everywhere I look I see strangers

There is a Friend closer than a brother
Whose wounds are faithful, and born for trouble
When I’m forsaken by my father and mother
You will take me in, Who loves at all times
Waiting on that sea change for the Golden Age
This present world makes no such promise
So until that Day

I’m not among friends
Everywhere I look I see strangers

I’m not among friends
Not among friends
Everywhere I look I see strangers
Not among friends …

2024 seanosongs
Proverbs 29:25, 18:24, 27:6, 17:17, Psalm 27:10

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