God Save the … Wait, What?

It is now September 9th and by now you’ve probably heard Queen Elizabeth II has passed away after a seventy-year reign. No doubt your newsfeeds are now inundated with all sorts of news and memories honouring her. This, however, will not be one of those pieces. In my opinion, and it is a widely help one, the monarchy is, and has been for quite some time only a symbol of a long-standing tradition stretching back over a thousand years.

With her passing the “throne of power” now rests upon the shoulders of King Charles III, and the world, in unison, chants God save the King. Do they understand what has just happened? Do they know what this means for the world? My guess is that they do not, or they do, and they agree with it. The book has but a few pages left to be turned before the end becomes clearer.

With Charles in charge (see what I did there) it is my belief we are going to see a drastic shift in the role in which the monarchy plays. No longer just a symbol of what was but leading the charge to what will soon be. The Queen, may she have found peace with God, was not the activist her son is. One has no further than to watch his involvement with the WEF, the WHO, and the United Nations. If you did not see his speech at the COP26 I encourage you to find it and watch it.

In his speech he talks of one world systems ruled by the private sector (read that as those with the money). He talks about ten sectors which need to be strengthened. Curiously, he mentions the trillions of dollars at HIS disposal. Prior to this there was no mention of a name or a single individual. Who then, is the HIS he refers to? Can I put forth a little brain worm and suggest Charles is referring to the anti-Christ.

Charles is a globalist. He associates with other like-minded globalists, for example Klaus Schwab and George Soros just to name a few. These people, and others like them, are hellbent on improving the world and its systems for their own purposes and designs all the while pretending it is for the benefit of ALL humanity. I suggest it is only for those who remain.

Before you go and start shouting God save the King, think about what you’re saying. Yes, God save the king, but the salvation will only happen upon Charles’ confession of faith in Christ as the ONLY King. Otherwise, your platitudes and acknowledgement of the monarchy is the acceptance of a New World Order.

I don’t know about you, but I will stand down from such an endorsement of this earthly king, knowing full well that his ascension to the throne is only part of the process which will eventually lead to the return of the King of kings, Jesus Christ to take His bride and usher in the great tribulation which will end seven years later. 

While the world hails the new king of Great Britain, I will sit back and watch as things unfold content to be singing

The end of this great tribulation will bring forth the millennium reign of Christ on earth. After this millennial reign Satan will be released once more to wreak havoc once more before the final battle of Armageddon, the destruction of everything and then eternity with Christ.

All hail King Jesus

All hail Emmanuel

King of kings, Lord of lords

Bright morning star

And throughout eternity 

I’ll sing Your praises

And I’ll reign with You throughout eternity

We pray Lord Jesus for Your imminent return to bring Your church home that we may sup with You at the wedding feast laid out for the Groom and his Bride. Oh, what a joy it will be to watch you as You raise Your cup once more as You promised.


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