Empty Handed

Empty Handed (and happy just the same)

They said it right from the start, that we’d own nothing and be happy about it. Nobody listened to them, or maybe they listened but didn’t hear what was being said. I mean really heard it. Or, even worse, they chose not to believe it. But look at them now, look at us now. We may have nothing but some of us are not happy about it. I’m not happy about it. I’m not sure if I am more unhappy about the fact that it happened or because people let it happen while a few of us tried to warn them. They scoffed and called us conspiracy freaks. The truth about all conspiracies that most people either forget or choose to ignore is that they (conspiracies) all have an element of truth to them.

So, it’s 2031 and a year into the new reality. They call it the ‘new normal’ but let me tell you, there’s nothing normal about any of it. I read once that there is no going back to normal. There is no new normal, just a new way of accepting what is. Yeah, maybe the old ways weren’t so hot, but at least you had the freedom to express yourself without fear of offending someone, hurting someone’s feelings, or God forbid think for yourself.

I’m still waiting for something to be happy about. At sixty-six years old I suppose I could be happy I have outlived my own prediction of not seeing my thirtieth birthday. I have survived failed accidental attempts of prematurely ending my life with drugs and alcohol. For the first thirty-three years of my existence, and let’s face it, I was barely existing, I was doing everything I could to prove my immortality. Everything I did had to be in excess; drugs, alcohol, sex, it was who I was and what I did. I wasn’t even bashful about it. I flaunted it for crying out loud.

Why does this matter to you? Or better yet, why should this matter to you? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for answers. I don’t have your answers to your current situation, but I do have answers to what’s going on in your world, our world. After all, what plagues you, plagues us all, and what cures you, well I’m sure you know the rest. Now you’re probably wondering what’s in it for me that I would give you the answers, and you’d be smart to, but the truth is I’m an old man who’s outlived his usefulness, just trying to make a difference to someone, for someone, for you.

Take a look around you, a good look. Now think about what is yours and what is theirs. Does this make you happy? I know it didn’t make me happy then, and it still doesn’t today. Sure, they promised us a universal basic income (UBI) and a system which would keep all of our money and personal data safe and secure in those tiny rice-sized implants. Why didn’t anyone ever wonder why they had to be implanted specifically into the right hand or forehead. In the hand I get it, you are responsible for the movement and control of your hand, but the forehead …

Anywhere you go you are on display for whatever scanner or device is around you. Let’s not forget to mention how there is no place you can go or be, without being monitored by CCTV. Yes even in the bathroom. And you are still happy. I’ve often wondered if there was some sort of massive brainwashing incident I missed.

The truth is, it was a long slow indoctrination which started long before the current in-your-face inundation we had a few years ago before the big reveal. What was it called … oh yes, the Great Reset. On the surface they made it sound all pretty and for everyone’s benefit. For those who were suspicious of it questioned what was happening and why. It wasn’t too difficult to see that the “masterplan” was contrived by, initiated by, and instilled by the elites of the world to control and dominate.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the attempt to cull the world population down to a mere half a billion souls in order to help maintain and sustain the earth. It was even set up in plain sight for anyone to see and read. They were called the Georgia Guidestones. All their plans were laid out before us in one shape or form, and for the most part people chose to disregard them as–need I say it again–conspiracy theories, hoaxes or (what did they call it a few years ago?) fake news, and misinformation. And people bought it, hook, line and sinker. Misplaced trust in a system designed to serve those who lead, can and will only end in a bad way.

You don’t have to take it from me. The evidence is in plain sight. Look around you, see for yourself. If you are not one of ‘them’ you are given a meager pittance to live on, are subject to their rules, allowed only what they tell you, and shame on you if you question it or them. Go ahead take a look. I’ll be here when you get back.

A few years before the planet was divided into ten nations, there was a presidential election in the former United States of America. One of the players in this election was despised by the left and they did everything in their power to be rid of him save for murdering him. Their own candidate was no saint either. He was corrupt, as was his son. They were involved with high stakes corruption with the country of the Ukraine. It was all documented and proven, yet it was swept under the rug. Their candidate won, and not without controversy. He was a puppet president being controlled.

A year later in another part of the world Russia invades the Ukraine. Remember I just told you of their corruption at the top levels. Well, because Russia is a big bad nation ruled by a tyrant, the world flocks to help another tyrant, forgetting and maybe even forgiving the indiscretions of its corrupt leadership. Call it as it is, supporting the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil, right? So why even make the choice? The world rushed to its aid sending billions of dollars and more weapons than a country of the Ukraine’s size needs. Russia ended up withdrawing from this military action like a dog with its tail between its legs.

And now, now we come to the crux that brought the world to where it is today. A tiny little country who took on the big bad invaders and won. Enough to give a ruler an ego wouldn’t you say? He started to take his bites until he eventually bit off more than he could chew, and the elites stepped in. They said it was to prevent any such thing from ever happening again. And here we are in 2031, a world of ten nations ruled by one government, with a single solitary economic system and a universal church. We were handed the UBI and told as long as we obeyed and did not question authority we could and would be happy.

There will only be one time when I will count myself as being happy. It’s a day which has long been promised. It’s the same day when this current world system will be destroyed once and for all. Oh, how long have I waited for this day? How long have I longed for this day? When it does come, and it will, I will be ready. In the meantime, I tell anyone who will listen about the need to repent and seek forgiveness from the one true God. We don’t have to have all the answers or have our crap together to come to Him. He will, and does, accept us as we are, as long as we repent and accept His son, Jesus Christ as our LORD, and Saviour.

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