Christmas: Godly or Pagan, Righteous or Unrighteous?

How you choose to celebrate December 25th is entirely up to you. I am curious however to know, if you knew the origins of December 25th and the practices it involves, would you still continue to do so. Or would you like so many others, cast this off as religious piety or over-zealous Christian enthusiasm not pertinent to today’s culture?

December 25th 336 is the day Rome stole Christ from Christianity and turned it into another form of pagan worship. Yet millions, make that billions of people planet-wide celebrate it believing they are doing the right thing by doing so without even realizing how steeped what they are celebrating is in paganism. Almost always the first rebuttal when in conversation about this is, “Well, that’s not what it means to me. Or maybe back then, but it means something different now.” Just because it’s widely accepted and practiced does not make it right. Tell you what, I dare you to tell your significant other that you are choosing to celebrate their birthday on the same day as your ex’s and celebrate it the same way and see how that flies. 

For nearly 1680 years humanity, or at least a good chunk of it, began to celebrate what has now become commonly called Christmas. So many movies, songs, and books are dedicated to this day being celebrated under false pretenses. Even worse still, are those who refer to the original day of Christ’s birth, which still remains a mystery, as the first Christmas. 

Some modern preachers and theologians faithfully carry on the traditions surrounding the so-called day of Christ’s birth citing those practices and beliefs as either antiquated or misunderstood. I urge you to do your own research into some of the practices surrounding Christmas for yourself. Let me ask a question before you argue. How is the original sin still applicable to you today, if you do not mean for your sin in the same way to go against God as Adam’s?

If you willingly participate in an activity that is not in accordance with what God says, are you still not guilty of it, regardless of what your intents are? Are you one of those people who constantly say that God knows your heart? And what does God’s Word say about yours and my heart: it is wickedly evil. So why celebrate the birth of Christ on a made-up day and surround it in pagan rituals that date back to Nimrod himself? Now this is the real question to me.

This is not meant to call you out, condemn you or anything else. I mean only to get you to maybe think deeper about what and why you celebrate as you do. After all, if you’re right there’s no harm, no foul. But, as the Israelites discovered after the golden calf …

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