Two Years to Flatten the Curve

On March 16, 2020, the Canadian border was “closed”* due to the coronavirus pandemic. I’d been at a conference in Virginia and was flying back to Vancouver that very day. As we boarded our plane at LaGuardia, bound for Toronto, there was palpable anxiety among the forty or so passengers. What would be the screening process? Would we make our connecting flights? The fear which was soon to be so heavily and redundantly mongered had begun to take hold; in my estimation, many among us have never recovered. (*flights from China continued, along with many other exemptions.)

Our arrival and disembarkation at YYZ were wholly uneventful. Instead of the expected health scrutiny, we were met by bored airport officials who handed out the now-familiar health orders: re social distancing, hand-washing et al. I breezed thought the lineups, and was already becoming sceptical of the official story. Customs forms required us to sign off, pledging that we would self-isolate for fourteen days. The usually frantic terminal was like a ghost town. The new normal had dawned.

During my fourteen days of isolation, my walks were late at night, usually to the nearby cemetery. Communing with the Lord, there was a very real sense that a psyop was being engineered, a manufactured crisis being implemented, that things were never going back to normalcy as we knew it.

We were told that it would take “two weeks to flatten the curve.” Next it was more lockdowns. Then it was the vaccine and its promise of getting our old lives back. We’ve been told many things, done many stranger things. The healthy were quarantined, hitherto unprecedented. Businesses, restaurants and churches closed, some to never reopen. Inconsistent restrictions were decreed by unelected health officials and politicians who not only haven’t lost a single cent throughout, but who themselves do not keep the very rules they enforce upon the populace. All this for a virus so dangerous that you needed to take a (now revealed to be) faulty test to see if you even have it.

Many did contract the virus. Many died, especially among the elderly and those with comorbidities. More recovered and gained natural immunity. Within a year the vaccine was proclaimed the only treatment, and Big Pharma has made a killing. Masks, shown by medical experts to be useless against stopping viruses, are mandatory in many places. Many of those having mask exemptions have been harshly berated and at times attacked. Alternative remedies and medical views contrary to the Narrative are ruthlessly censored. The “unvaxxed” are scapegoated as selfish and anti-science, deemed responsible for the ongoing health emergency. Confusion and division abound, polarizing everyone from neighbours to family members to fellow Christians. Whose fingerprints are all over this crime scene?

Fast forward two years: here in B.C. mask mandates have been dropped, yet just today my pastor texted me from the mall, saying that 75-80% of the people were still wearing masks. What can explain this form of Stockholm Syndrome, this “mass formation psychosis” as explained by Dr. Malone, except the power and grip of fear? Fear incessantly promulgated at every turn, fear which has turned people one against another, fear which begs for more restrictions, more regulations, more state control; all, of course, “for our health” and for “the greater good.” Behind this fear lurk dark forces of spiritual wickedness.

Entering this third year, war has now erupted in Europe and the Rona has once again on the back burner, ready to return when needed. It is imperative we discern the idealogical trojan horses being smuggled in and made into lawfare under the fog of Covid, and the objective of those imposing these pernicious theories. More and more are awakening to the truth that our new overlords have no intention of giving up the powers they have gained. And yet so many continue to be paralyzed in the grip of fear, which we must resist and overcome. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (1 Timothy 1:7).

Come what may, our times are in God’s hands. Dear Lord, grant us the grace to be “the people who know their God, who shall be strong, and carry out great exploits” (Daniel 11:32).

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