Trucker Trauma pt 1

The month of February 2022 will go down as one of the most historic and infamous in Canadian history. At its hub was the Freedom Convoy: a brave band of truckers who in the dead of winter drove over 4000 kilometres from the west coast to our nation’s capital in Ottawa. Similar convoys, together with regular drivers, converged on the capital from other parts of the country as more and more trucks and cars joined in the growing popular uprising, in protest of draconian health orders imposed by unelected health overlords. (I write as one traumatized by an outcome still not fully processed, aghast at the darkness and hardness of heart revealed in this country’s so-called leaders, and what this portends.)

The demands of the Freedom Convoy were ingeniously simple: End all Covid mandates for all Canadians now, full stop. Their stated intention was to stay parked in Ottawa for the long haul–a wildcat strike as it were–until all restrictions were lifted and basic Charter rights (including bodily autonomy) were restored to all citizens. After all, the convoyers reasoned, parliamentarians (and even the Ottawa Police) were exempt from needing the shot to keep their jobs. Thus their demand–the return to basic rights and freedoms–was a remarkable premise for a protest, given the demands of other protest groups (BLM, Antifa, Extinction Rebellion) these past few years, each of which was given sanction by both government and media.

During the lockdown, truckers across Canada were able to stay employed–thankfully so, since most everything we have comes to us from a truck–largely unhindered by Covid regulations. Then last year, the government decided, with their usual lack of scientific basis, to require all truckers to receive the experimental jab in order to cross the U.S. border or lose their job. For many truckers, even those who were vaxxed, this was a bridge too far. A national grassroots movement emerged as many truckers stood in solidarity against this needless decree, more ludicrous since most truckers spend a majority of their time alone. Moreover, they reasoned, why weaken an already tenuous supply chain?

However, rather than making the mandated vaccine for truckers their focus of protest, these men and women–many of whose livelihoods were on the line–instead demanded that all restrictions be removed for everyone. Law-abiding, civil, and determined, they took a pledge to remain peaceful and respectful, come what may, and as they set out for the federal seat of power, they were cheered on by Canadians coast to coast, from highway overpasses, in small towns, and in big cities. In fact, the Freedom Convoy inspired similar movements throughout the free world.

To growing fanfare and publicity they came to Ottawa with the audacious notion that as citizens of a free democracy, their concerns would be listened to, heard out, and taken seriously. Along with them came constitutional lawyers, doctors, independent journalists, along with thousands of everyday Canadians from every walk of life, age, ethnicity, and political stripe. For so many of us, myself included, there was genuine national pride and hope for the first time in a very long time.

(Sadly, in our naïveté, to quote Dylan, we “had no idea what kinda **** was about to go down,” though to be certain many, including our Brother Randy, did predict things would end in tears).

I was moved deeply by the selflessness and sacrifice in taking a stand for the sake of others displayed by these patriots who clearly understood what was at stake, representing millions of fellow Canadians who, during two years of some of the strictest lockdowns worldwide, were deemed ‘unessential’ by arbitrary government fiat, had lost their employment, their businesses, had seen churches closed, pastors arrested, families and friendships deteriorated and divided by outside forces, all based on adherence to the Covid Narrative. In many estimations these truckers, with the farmers, tradespeople, and all manner of artisans who together stood for the people, were true Canadian heroes.

Yet alas, to the state media in Canada–over 95% of which is subsidized by the federal government, subsequently operating essentially as Kanada’s Pravda–the Freedom Convoy was a white supremacist fascist racist insurrection attempt at overthrowing a duly elected government. Nothing could be further from the truth, but this was the narrative they had to run with, and they have not ceased to propagandize, stirring animosity and scorn for ordinary law-abiding patriotic Canadians. Such hatred was not confined to Canadian media; the international woke brigade can always be counted on the carry water for their globalist masters.

From the highest offices in the land, and straight from the mouth of the PM, the protesters were derided as a “fringe minority” holding “unacceptable views.” This same PM had last summer called ‘anti-vaxxers’ both “racist” and “misogynous,” quipping, “Do we tolerate these people?” As Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun has stated:

It’s not just that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about a group of fellow Canadians with such gross malevolence that was shocking. He’s done this before and makes no secret of his disdain for the unvaccinated. What was equally as shocking is opposition leaders didn’t call him out on it. This should scare those in this unfairly outcast group who feel they are being phased out as employees, citizens and people free to go into public places. Now they are being scapegoated. … Trudeau has led a segregationist movement on the unvaccinated by making true an election promise to keep them from riding with the vaccinated on “planes” and “trains.” The notion that the unvaccinated are responsible for increased spread of the Omicron variant has not been scientifically proven. (January 6, 2022)

This selfsame–nay, worse–contempt was viciously consigned to the protesters. Before they had even arrived in Ottawa, Dear Leader fled the capital, citing Covid issues; upon his return to Parliament he made it icily clear he had no intentions whatsoever of speaking with “these people,” let alone hearing out their legitimate concerns. The heartlessness and sheer absence of sympathy or compassion towards fellow human beings who have suffered terribly under lockdown must never be lost on those who’ve been paying attention or have a shred of discernment. We shall never forget!

As is well known now, in the ensuing days and weeks convoy leaders were arrested, charged and jailed, with trucks damaged and confiscated and bank accounts frozen. The movement was “put down” with righteous glee, its demands unaddressed and ignored. Six million citizens are presently unable to leave or travel by plane or train within their own country, a veritable digital Berlin Wall. We who care must acknowledge our trauma and awaken to the reality of the post-nation state that is the new Kanada.

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